About Novotran Solutions Inc.

Novotran provides Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to manufacturers, distributors and third party logistics companies of all sized operations. Our focus is on providing components that serve operations shipping across multiple transportation modes through multiple sales channels. Novotran TMS’s objective is a straight forward consistent process regardless of how big the shipments are, how the shipments are conveyed or where the shipment is going.

Novotran’s professional staff average over 25 years of experience developing, deploying and supporting TMS and an average of over 30 years with other systems. During the past 25 plus years our product has evolved using approaches that have led to a configurable and scalable set of components that can be used in small and large operations. We take software quality serious and have been selective about what technologies we have used relying on quality partners and robust, efficient technology, upgrading or replacing any components necessary to maintain that standard.

We also take service quality serious and endeavor to make every customer interaction a positive customer service experience placing a high value on every customer relationship.

Novotran would welcome a discussion of how Novotran’s TMS could help your organization today.

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