Freight Invoice Payment and Spend Management

Novotran’s flexible Freight Invoice Payment module can process  LTL, truckload, and incorporates our own proprietary Parcel  invoice processors to ensure efficient processing of high parcel invoice volumes.  Customers can configure multiple audit processes such as Self Invoicing, BOL to Invoice  Match & Pay, Tariff to Invoice Match & Pay.  Flexible levels of automatic approvals, manual oversight, segregation of duty, audit trails and other features can be employed to ensure you are paying the right amount for the right invoice.

After paying and accounting for freight costs you can use Novotran’s Freight Spend Analyzer to drill into your freight costs to identify and prevent operational issues that may cause excess charges.  Strategically our What-If Analysis module can help shape transportation management decisions such as alternate shipping locations, carriers, services, and other key transportation factors.  What-If Analysis uses the same tariffs as ship and audit processes giving audit accuracy when evaluating strategic alternatives to improve your bottom line.