Varied carrier invoices calls for variable freight invoice processes and our flexible Freight Invoice Payment module helps the transportation management team approve and/or review freight invoice payments for the types of processes they can choose.  Novotran’s Freight Invoice Payment module offers various audit processes suitable for multiple invoice types and configurable processing, audit tolerances, and approvals to be as tight or flexible as you need for each carrier. Some key configurable features are:

Invoice handling: Truckload, LTL and Parcel invoices (carrier specific parcel invoice modules ensure fast processing of large parcel invoices)
Validation: To shipments, calculated tariff rates, or shipping patterns, or not matched at all
Processes: Matching, Self Invoicing, or simply recording invoice tracking and reporting
Allocation: GL encoding can be host driven, or handled in Audit to be straight-forward or driven down to SKU’s, origins, destinations, carriers, departments or whatever your organization need to take control of freight costs within cost of goods sold.